Subdomains only $5/year


Add email package (10) accounts (GMail via GSuite) - only $10/year


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We use PayPal (30-day 100% money back guarantee)

Shoot an email to: and simply mention a subdomain name you would like e.g. 'ny', where to point it to (your hosting account IP e.g. ). If you would like an email package, let us know. You will receive a bill generated thru PayPal which you can pay with a credit card or PayPal balance thru PayPal. After we receive your payment, we will point your new subdomain to the server you provided. If you ordered an email package, you will receive the instructions on how to access your account.

Additional Information

Unlike domain purchase, subdomains do not take time to propagate. It means that they start working right after we create CNAME record. No need to wait 24 hours. If your server is not found when trying to access your website using your new subdomain, make sure you configured your settings correctly with your Hosting provider. Make sure you set it up to properly handle your subdomain. We can help you with that at no cost over the email, phone, or Skype if needed.

Rules and terms of service

Please do not try to use this subdomain for abusive purposes such spamming, hacking, phishing, and so on. Do not attempt to perform any unethical or illegal acts with the use of your purchased subdomain from us. In case it has been established you have been in violation of these rules, we hold the right to shut down your subdomain and emails accounts without any notice or reimbursement. Thank you for being lawful citizens. Simply enjoy our great deals.